The Mastin Lake Church has a long history in supporting missions. We believe in spreading the Gospel from our local community into the outermost parts of the world.sf_ToTheNations_0010_Group 1
Locally, we attempt to do a variety of things to help our community as a need arises. From providing food assistance, to helping a senior with a basic need of life, and many more, we have a desire to meet the needs of others as our resources allow. These are done in a case by case situation. We also have “Serve Days” where we take teams into the community and specifically to the homeless community to care for both physical and spiritual needs. 
In our world, we unite with two strategic partners. First we partner with the country of Belarus in what we call a Harvest Partner (level 1) as we partner with the national office to evangelize, plant churches, and develop and train leaders throughout the country. Secondly, we have united with a new church plant in Central America to work on a project to build their local church. The church is located on the island of Dominican Republic in the community of La Ramona. We will be helping fund the building and begin to take mission trips to this partner.