Mastin Lake Ladies Ministries
The threefold purpose of our Ladies Ministry is to bring women of all ages together in a thriving atmosphere of unconditional love so that together we can:
1) pursue a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God
2) grow in relationship and fellowship with Jesus and other women both within our church family and outside the local church family and
3) serve God by intentionally using our gifts and talents to benefit and bless others.  
It is said that the heart of a woman is the heart of the home, and so within our church home we believe the joy in the hearts of our ladies is vital to the health and heart of our church. We believe that today, more than at any time in recent history, the hearts of women are under spiritual attack because the enemy fears the power and fierceness that flows from a woman in joyful fellowship with Jesus Christ! Our mission is to offer an environment where a wounded heart can become whole again surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance and where a weakened heart can be fully restored in the joy of the Lord!  (Nehemiah 8:10)

Website Updates

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