Join the Journey to GROW! 

The Growth Journey is our series of classes to help us to GROW to maturity in Christ. 

Growth Journey Foundations:
This is the first class where we share our vision and passion as a church as well as to how we desire to partner with you. We discuss our foundation in Christ through our core beliefs and how we each come to KNOW Christ in a personal relationship. This time covers not only our church vision and structure but our individual relationship to Christ and to His Church. The end goal is that each one will understand more about us and to know if this is where God has placed you in the Body of Christ. If so, we will share how to formally become a part of our church and how to connect to our Impact Team so you can continue to GROW in Christ as you SERVE Christ. 
Growth Journey Steps 2-4 Coming This Fall:

To see when the next Growth Journey class is check out our calendar: HERE

Growth Journey