One of our key passions is to help everyone “Grow in Christ to Spiritual maturity.” To assist everyone to GROW, we provide different tools and opportunities in that process. Below is a few areas we encourage everyone to engage in so you can GROW.
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Growth Journey

The Growth Journey is a multi step interactive class that covers a variety of areas to provide opportunities and tools for anyone from a new believer to a seasoned saint to continue to grow in Christ. 
Step One is a foundational step of the journey that covers information to help Know our church, ensure a strong foundation as an individual in Christ as well as what steps can be made to Grow deeper in Christ. 
Step Two is about the essential Biblical principals to ensure a deep relationship with Christ. It looks to the absolute truths of God’s Word and takes us deeper in the understanding of those principals. it ends with other truths of God’s Word and of practical living to help each believer deal with daily life. 
Step Three is a class that introduces us to how God made each one with uniquely so that it would benefit God’s Church and bless the Kingdom of God. It is through the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we connect in unity to serve a Holy God. 
Step Four is a step to take deeper steps in a persons journey of Spiritual matters. 
This class will help you walk through spiritual matters such as the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, and living in victory.
Step Five is a step  will guide people on their journey to help others through sharing their faith to  help develop others in their own walk with Christ. This class will teach principals of Jesus’ leadership and how anyone can lead others. As well it will look at the heart of fathers and mothers like the Apostle Paul. 

Grow: Word

We believe that the single greatest activity one can make to Grow in Christ is through God’s Holy Word. We encourage and provide reading plans as tools to take deeper steps in God’s Word. 

One Year Bible:

One of the plans we share as a tool is a read through the Bible in one year plan by the OneYearBible. You can have the plan emailed to you daily or view it on their site HERE or download a booklet to print that will fit nicely in your Bible by clicking HERE

Other Reading Plans:

As well there are variety of other suggestions on how to read the Bible Daily. Download the one page insert for your Bible HERE or see them below.
(for more details go HERE.
John and Proverbs:
Suggested time: 31 Days
Complete Bible (at your pace): Suggested time: One Year
The Gospels:
Suggested time: 60 Days
The Early Church:
Suggested time: 28 Days
Specific Books of the Bible:
Suggested time: Depends
Topical Study:
Suggested time: Depends

Wednesday Grow

Each Wednesday night we have Wednesday Grow. Our children, youth and adults have a time of the Word being taught and preached to them.


The Children gather each Wednesday night with a time of teaching and fun to learn more about God. Most Wednesday nights they are growing deeper into the Biblical truth that is the theme for that given month.


Our Student Ministries join together for the “Well” each Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. The “Well” is a time of teaching and preaching as well as youth led music/worship. The heart of the Wednesday night Grow Well is a place that students can meet with Jesus and gain living water from our Savior.


On Wednesday night our adults have a special time of worship as we open each night. The passion is to provide an atmosphere to refresh and renew each person in the flow of God’s Holy Spirit. Following a time of corporate worship the adults hear teaching and preaching from different ministers within the church. These times of ministry are relevant, challenging and encouraging as we seek to deepen our walk in Christ.

Join us on Wednesday GROW..

Let us Grow Deep in Christ together!