30 Pieces of Silver Offering


Easter 30 Pieces of Silver Offering

Easter Sunday we will turn the price of Jesus’ betrayal into an offering of love in a special “30 Pieces of Silver

” offering. We encourage every person to give – from the youngest to the oldest.  Ask God to speak to you about what you should give. Whether you give 30 dimes, 30 dollars, or 30 one-hundred dollar bills, we encourage you to participate. This offering will go 100% to our missions project to build a church in the Dominican Republic. Join the Easter Offering of Love!

Camp Fires Revival Gathering


Camp Fires Revival Gathering April 9th!

We are excited to host the upcoming Camp Fire Revival Gathering at Mastin Lake Church on April 9th at 5:30 PM. This evening service is an area Revival service hosted by our state office. Bishop Jones and Bro. Tim Beck will be with us.We will also have worship from people in the area as we join together in Spirit and Truth to worship God and hear from Him to continue our pursuit to be renewed by His Spirit. 

Make plans to join us at 5:30 PM on April 9th!
Mastin Lake Church
2713 Mastin Lake Road NW
Huntsville, AL 35810

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time Starts!

Get ready to Spring Forward Saturday night/early Sunday AM. Daylight savings time begins this weekend and we do not want you to miss anything Sunday. Make sure you set your clocks one hour forward before you go to bed on Saturday night. 

We look forward to worshiping with you Sunday morning at 10:30 AM

Renew Your Bible Reading in 2017!

Let’s Begin 2017 by deepening our walk through God’s Word!

We all know we should read God’s Word more but life seems to pull us every way but to His Word. The new year is a great time to dedicate ourselves to reading God’s Word more. No matter how much you do or do not read His Word, making a decision to read just 5 minutes each day will make a difference. 
At Mastin Lake we want to encourage you to all read His Word in 2017. We have several options for you to read God’s Word more. If you can commit to 15-20 minutes a day you could read the entire Bible in 2017 with our One Year Bible Reading plan by the One Year Bible. Even if you cannot read it all, you can read a specific selection
(i.e. the New Testament and Psalms each day). 
Also if you are looking for a shorter commitment or a different option this year we also have listed several suggesting to get you started in 2017! 
You will find the links below are also accessible under the “Home” button on the website. Here are some links to help you:
Daily One Year Bible HERE (It will show you each day’s Bible Reading with links to read it online or listen to it.)
Other Bible Readings HERE

Christmas Communion and Candlelight Service

Christmas Communion and Candlelight Service

This year we are excited to join together our annual communion and candlelight times into one special Christmas celebration. Make plans to join us for a wonderful and sacred time on Wednesday December 21st at 7:00 PM. All ages will join together in song, sacraments and prayer. We hope to see you here then!


December Christmas Series: The Giving Gift

We have begun our December Christmas Series titled:
“The Giving Gift.” This is a three part series that explores God’s motive of Christmas. This is the foundation of all of the amazing story of The Birth of Jesus. Week one we will explore “The Gift.” In week two we will take a look at “The Giving.” Then in our final week, week three, our children will join in to help illustrate that “The Giving Gift” loves to give “Good Gifts.” 
Join us this month at 10:30 AM at Mastin Lake or join us live online here! 

November Series: LIFE

Do you face questions about how to live out your faith in Christ in your everyday LIFE? In fact do you find that after a day (or a week) you can wonder “Did I live with my faith and my God leading me?”

End of Series Deeper. Higher.

This Sunday we will close out our series Deeper. slide1Higher. Pastor Josh will be sharing the heart of how going Deeper opens us to see and hear from God in amazing ways. Join us this Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. God wants to open us new blessings, new expressions of His love to us as we go deeper into Him. 

September Serve

Slide14We are pleased to share “September Serve.” We will be sharing of great opportunities to reach out and serve others as Christ did through the Body of Christ. We will also be sharing some special teaching and preaching on the subject unlike you have experienced before. 
Serving is the center of the heart of Jesus and we want to connect to the guidance of our Savior. During the month of September we will be preaching and teaching about the heart that Jesus so that we may be more like Him. There is an amazing and powerful joy and strength that comes form serving as Christ did through His Body. 
Join us in September Serve… more details to come!

Final Sermon of Mighty Warrior

Slide09This Sunday, we will close out our series on being a “Mighty Warrior.” We have been looking at each stage of the prophecy of Ezekiel 37 as God been raising up the dry bones into a Mighty Army for Christ. You will not want to miss the closing sermon of this series. Each stage has built up the person to be able to carry the breath of life of God’s Holy Spirit. 

We are Mighty Warriors in Christ and He has promised that we can be “more than conquerers.” Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 AM as we see our Drama Team minister in a powerful drama that will help us close out this series. 

Are you ready to live? Are you ready to experience the Power of Life in Jesus? Now is time to rise up Mighty Warrior!