Bible Reading Plans

One Year Bible:
One of the plans we share as a tool is a read through the Bible in one year plan by the OneYearBible. Go to for a daily link to the reading. Or, you can have the plan emailed to you daily or view it on their site  HERE or download a booklet to print that will fit nicely in your Bible by clicking HERE
John and Proverbs:
Suggested time: 31 Days
Each day read one chapter of John and one Chapter of Proverbs. You will find you get to know Jesus through His life story in the Gospel of John. As well you find you gain practical wisdom each day in Proverbs. 
Complete Bible (at your pace): Suggested time: One Year
Reading the entire Bible can be a great benefit to you. However, at times your schedule and the schedule of a plan may be difficult to follow. By beginning at the beginning of the Bible and reading just one book at a time you can follow the story of God’s Word at your pace. However, you might find it beneficial to give yourself a goal each day to read a certain amount. 
The Gospels:
Suggested time: 60 Days
This plan’s focus is on you following the life of Jesus. As you do you will see God the Son, King of Kings, Savior and man more fully. Knowing Christ better will launch your relationship with Him to new heights. 
The Early Church:
Suggested time: 28 Days
By reading just a chapter a day you can read the Book of Acts and see the first steps of the church’s start. As well you will learn the miracles and blessing of the early church. This can help build your faith to see God today.

Specific Books of the Bible:

Suggested time: Depends
There are many great books of the Bible you can focus on reading and then researching through online resources or study books you can buy or borrow. A few great ones are: James (practical advice to live by), Romans (Understanding Salvation deeper), and any of the Epistles.

Topical Study:

Suggested time: Depends
There are many topics you can study to both help you in understanding and knowing how to address issues. You can use concordances or searches to begin to compile scriptures on that subject. As well you can do a study on a certain Biblical principal (i.e. grace, love, the Holy Spirit). By looking in Scripture for any and all references you will gain more in those deeper areas.